Our Aim

We aim to detect and realize potential for the creation of added value that may not seem obvious to all market participants. In this way we seek to create maximum returns for our investors – and satisfaction for our tenants.

To meet this aim, we work with focus, dedication and professionalism through all the stages of a real estate investment. All our work is built on the solid professional experience of our people, team spirit and transparent investment principles.

Satisfaction for our tenants and returns for our investors: we accord the highest priority to the interests of tenants and investors. In this way we create the fundamentals for direct success and define expectations for all the future outcomes of our endeavours.


We only operate in markets which we know from top to bottom. 

We only invest in projects where we are convinced that we can achieve short to medium-term above-average performance enhancements without incurring disproportionate risks. 

Quality of investment is more important to us than quantity of investment. A prudent management co-investment is essential for the FREO Group.

Our corporate strategy and activities are fully committed to sustainability and environmental awareness.


We believe that loyalty, discretion and fairness, coupled with a keen awareness of risks and far-sighted vision are the key requirements on which professional action is built. 

We put our faith in treating one another with respect and in according the same respect to our partners, investors and tenants. 

We stand for what we do, true to the clear ethical principles which inform our code of professional conduct.

Our first commitment is to our investors and tenants and our aspiration is to create higher value. 

In our work we are at all times aware of our responsibility to the environment and society at large.