Burstah Ensemble

Hamburg, Germany


This project will be a partial ground-up development of the Grosser Burstah and a repositioning of historic Globushof in the heart of Hamburg’s old town and CBD which, upon completion, will create a quartier atmosphere with its office, retail, residential and hotel uses.

Investor: Commerz Real
Acquisition: 2015
Construction: 2017
Completion: 2019
Rentable Area (m²): 31,000
Certification: DGNB Gold planned

Burstah Ensemble was acquired in 2015 and consists of the protected building Globushof which will remain and several other buildings including a high-rise from the 1960s which will be replaced by a ground-up office, retail, hotel and residential development located in the centre of Hamburg‘s central business district, just a few minutes’ walk from Hamburg‘s town hall. The site offers a compelling opportunity to redevelop a larger area in the centre of one of Germany‘s most important investment markets with a state of the art design and usage concept.

Grosser Burstah 3 and Trostbruecke 2, which are located on a ca. 5,725 sqm land parcel, are currently 100% vacant after Allianz Deutschland AG left the property in November 2012.

Key activities:

icon-search-and-acquisition@2x Sourcing and Acquisition
icon-development-management@2x Development Management

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Burstah Ensemble - Hamburg, Germany

Burstah Ensemble - Hamburg, Germany

Burstah Ensemble - Hamburg, Germany