Sustainability in action

Environment & Sustainability

Sustainability plays an important role in the way we work at FREO. Our overriding commitment to improving the built environment is supported by ecological compatibility and improving energy efficiency. We are keenly aware at all times of the responsibility we bear towards the environment and society at large.

Nearly half of Central Europe’s current consumption of resources can be ascribed to real estate. Consequently and thankfully sustainability is now rightfully considered a vitally important investment criteria by the real estate industry. Certification systems help give buyers and tenants a ready set of valid and comparable criteria by which they can judge the standard of a building.

Only by proactive consistent management from the very beginning can we influence the economic, ecological and social performance of our investments. These three dimensions to sustainability are factored into each and every phase of our operations. From acquisition through development, asset management and disposal, we never lose sight of the overall environmental and social impact of a building across its entire life cycle.

Sustainability In Action

FREO works hard to improve the environmental sustainability of its real estate and reduce the impact on our built environment.

FREO also firmly believes that a consistent commitment to sustainability will deliver added performance for our investors, partners and tenants. True to our commitment, we aim to take an active leadership role in the field of sustainable real estate investment. We are committed to complying with all regulatory requirements and national legislation. Working closely with local authorities in each country, we have to date applied the leading internationally-recognised sustainability standards to many of our investments and developments. These include DGNB Gold (Germany), BREEAM (UK), HQE (France), and LEED Platinum (USA).

In close cooperation with our partners, tenants and advisers, our asset managers identify efficient opportunities for energy savings, waste reduction and the use of ecologically friendly materials and raw materials which they then implement for each specific building in conjunction with the relevant property management team. Naturally in all these programmes we continue to focus firmly on our economic objectives.