Good causes and giving back


FREO together with our Chairman and his family have consistently maintained a strong ethos towards giving. FREO and the Luecker family have supported a number of worthy causes, some of which which are highlighted below.

Dona Agito


Promoting civic engagement and integration
Dona Agito gGmbH is a Frankfurt-based charity founded by Matthias Luecker and Christiane Kewitz in 2018. The goal of the charity is to promote civic engagement and societal integration of refugees. FREO Group has committed to donating part of its overall net profit to Dona Agito and similar charitableactivities.

With the charity Dona Agito, FREO Group seeks to promote active citizenship and integration of local residents from all ethnic, religious and cultural backgrounds. This is done through a variety of means,including for example the organization of regular “Breakfast and Talk” meetings, which brings together diverse neighbourhood residents and fosters a sense of community and belonging.

The Dona Agito charity includes full-time members who help people with refugee and unprivileged backgrounds in their daily lives. This includes assistance in matters such as helping with the organization of doctor and local authority visits, internship and employment searches, educational undertakings, or housing related issues. The charity also provides funding for the membership fees of local sports and cultural clubs to youth from low-income backgrounds.

Charitable activities going forward
We are proud of our work in supporting tolerance and cultural understanding across diverse local communities. Our charitable work has also been recognized by others. The event series “Breakfast andTalk”, for example, was awarded the main prize at the Frankfurt neighbourhood Charity Awards in May2019.

In the future, we aim also to roll out similar charitable activities in other European cities. The aim will always be the same: to support civic engagement and integration of residents from unprivileged backgrounds.

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