East Side Mall, Berlin

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The Mall of Switzerland

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FREO is a private equity company and a fund manager specializing in the acquisition and development of commercial real estate in Germany and select international gateway cities in Europe. The FREO Group pursues a range of real estate investments that offer opportunities for highly attractive risk-adjusted returns, whether through its private equity funds subscribed by leading international institutional investors, direct investment and co-investment with joint venture partners. As well as delivering prudent management, co-investment partners of FREO apply their proven hands-on operating expertise to each investment.

Under the Group umbrella, experienced professionals work on all stages of an investment, identifying opportunities and creating value through proactive management.

The FREO Group headquarters is in Luxembourg with additional offices in Berlin, Düsseldorf, Frankfurt, Hamburg, London, Lucerne and Munich.




Our real estate portfolio for Germany Deutschland ranges from high quality office units and classic retail outlets in prestigious locations to large-scale complexes of logistics real estate. Apart from our core real estate assets, we also customize property in specific locations to the needs and requirements of potential tenants.

To learn more about the range of leasable property we now have on offer in Germany, visit:

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+49(0) 30 206 23 400 (Berlin)

+49 (0) 69  71 71 26 0 (Frankfurt a.M.)