FREO Milan


FREO Italia S.r.l.
Largo Augusto, 3
20122 Milan

Tel: +39 02 7600 2734

FREO Italy is located in the center of Milan, the financial, business and fashion capital of Italy. The office is led by Luigi Martinenghi who has a combined real estate experience of over 200,000 sqm in development and built.

FREO’s office in Italy focuses on value-add, core plus and development opportunities in the central and northern part of Italy and targets all classes of assets, including hospitality (Luigi Martinenghi was a shareholder and president of AC Hoteles in Italy), offices, residential and retail sectors. Major tenants and buyers of offices, hotel and retail can enter the Italian market with FREO as its local partner and leverage the Group’s accumulated experience, know-how and local relationships.

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