10 Grande Armée

Paris, France


The “10 Grande Armée” building complex, built in 1930 and refurbished in 2000, is located in the immediate vicinity of the Arc de Triomphe.

Acquisition: 28/07/2022
Construction: In the 1930s
Rentable Area (m²): c. 8,100 sqm

It is a co-ownership that has around 16,050 sqm of rental space, divided into retail, residential and office. The transacted asset contained only the retail space, which spans 8,550 sqm and was most recently occupied by the tenant Conforama.

Key activities:

icon-search-and-acquisition@2x Sourcing and Acquisition
icon-asset-management@2x Asset Management
icon-development-management@2x Development Management
icon-disposal@2x Disposal

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10 Grande Armée - Paris, France

10 Grande Armée - Paris, France