Barcelona, Spain


Freo has acquired this property in partnership with a leading American private investment firm. The building offers c. 50,000 sqm above ground, 30,000 sqm below ground and is destined to become one of the most emblematic projects in the city.

Investor: Bain Capital
Acquisition: December 2021
Rentable Area (m²): 42,000

Offering two towers of 14 and 7 floors connected at ground and first floor levels, Edificio Estel was designed by renowned architect, Francesc Mitjans and is a dominant feature on Barcelona ́s skyline. It is well positioned to be the leading scheme in the submarket and one of 4 top schemes in Barcelona.

Using part of the existing structure, Freo will undertake an extensive redevelopment of the asset, converting it into a premium mixed use scheme, catering to the longstanding under-supply in central Barcelona. The project will incorporate best-in- class office space, extensive amenities, high quality retail and have a focus on sustainability, smart concepts and ESG credentials.

Key activities:

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Estel - Barcelona, Spain