Berlin, Germany


The “Seydelstrasse” project is an office building that integrates harmoniously into the structure of the Berlin-Mitte district. The stories and height development mediate between the neighboring buildings. Accordingly, the new building retains its independence through a modern architectural language and, with its sustainable facade concept, becomes a characterful part of the cityscape.

Acquisition: 9th July 2020
Construction: December 2021
Completion: End 2023
Disposal: 2023
Rentable Area (m²): 2,800
Certification: DGNB-Platinum pre-certification

It is in an excellent location, has perfect connections to the underground and the S-Bahn, is a 15-minute drive from the main railway station and only 30 minutes from Berlin-Brandenburg airport away. Additionally it lays within the best prime location, with several ministries and offices, as well as large publishing houses and agencies in the immediate vicinity.

The sustainable project is geared towards high energy efficiency, a DGNB Platinum certification is fulfilled and built in, so that the highest ESG criteria are met.

Key activities:

icon-search-and-acquisition@2x Sourcing and Acquisition
icon-asset-management@2x Asset Management
icon-development-management@2x Development Management
icon-disposal@2x Disposal

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Seydel14 - Berlin, Germany

Seydel14 - Berlin, Germany