Freo and EnBW to jointly develop “Districts of the Future”


Investment developer and energy group sign cooperation agreement

Karlsruhe/Luxembourg. One is an independent, European investment manager and developer with an extensive network, the other an energy group on the road to becoming an infrastructure partner and urban district developer: What could be more logical than to join forces and develop joint projects? That is the core of the cooperation recently agreed between the Freo Group and EnBW.

“By working together, Freo and EnBW aim to generate new, customer-oriented ideas that both partners can incorporate into sustainable district projects,” explained Dr. Wolfgang Eckert, Head of Infrastructure at EnBW. EnBW believes that residential and urban developments must address the needs of all generations, offer sophisticated and networked security systems and ensure mobility and self-sufficiency within urban districts. “Smart, socially positive urban district development is a building block in the Energiewende.” Eckert emphasised.

“EnBW’s direction here has a strong strategic fit with our approach,” said Sven Andersen, CFO at Freo. “Environmental compatibility, energy efficiency and social performance are key pillars of Freo’s business. That is reflected in environment-friendly materials, sustainable resources, waste reduction and energy savings.”

Focal areas of the agreed cooperation include energy, building systems, security, mobility and digitalisation leading to joint, sustainable district development projects. Initial pilot projects are already being planned, Eckert and Andersen report.