FREO Switzerland AG enters into partnership with Madaster


As an independent international investor, developer, project manager and asset manager of new and existing properties, FREO Group not only covers the entire lifecycle of construction projects but, from the very inception, includes sustainability in the planning and construction process. In addition to ecological compatibility and energy efficiency, the focus is always on the long-term use and conversion of buildings.

In order to offer its clients buildings fit for the future, FREO Group has entered into a partnership with Madaster. Madaster is a global online platform that enables the circular use of products and materials in the built environment. In a new building, all materials used can be recorded on the Madaster database, resulting in a transparent material passport. This shows not only the materials used in the construction, but also what they are worth. This information is central, especially when a building is being remodeled or sold, so that materials can be reused or sold on for further use.

“By partnering with Madaster, we plan to promote the idea of circularity in all our projects, true to our credo of ‘Reduce, Reuse, Repair, Recycle’, reusing materials, minimizing waste and reducing the cost of material consumption,” says Dr. Miriam Esders, ESG Group Officer and Sustainable Real Estate Manager at FREO Group. “We will use the Madaster database for all our projects in the future, not only in new buildings but also in restorations.”

The first project to use Madaster is the new JED 2226 building in Schlieren – FREO Group’s first zero-energy building development.

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